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Ecommerce copywriting is an essential skill that can make or break the success of your eCommerce store. No matter how good your products or website are, without compelling copywriting and lots of it, you will struggle to persuade your prospects to buy from you. After all, bringing customers to your store is not enough. To become a profitable ecommerce business owner and skyrocket your conversions online, your ecommerce copy must be on point to convince customers to buy from you. It’s here that persuasive ecommerce copywriting takes centerstage.

What is Ecommerce Copywriting?

E-commerce copywriting refers to persuasive copy written to convince and persuade your prospects to take a desired action such as placing an order, once they land on your ecommerce product’s page. Sales copy written for e-commerce stores, sales pages, product descriptions and social media are written to provide customers sufficient reasons to buy your products by making a genuine connection with them.

In this article, let’s look at the 10 best ecommerce copywriting techniques to boost sales of the products on your e-commerce store and generate more conversions. 

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Best Ecommerce Copywriting Techniques For Your Ecommerce Brand

1. Know Your Ideal Customer

To get maximum returns from your eCommerce copywriting efforts, you must know who you are writing for, i.e., your target audience. Understanding your audience, who they are, and their needs and wants will enable you to craft compelling copy that appeals to their sensibilities and makes your products relevant.

Not just that. Knowing your customers will help you to choose the right words and tone of voice in your copy that will help to build an instant connection with your products and brand.

2. Use Irresistible Yet Concise Headlines

The headline and the first few sentences are the most crucial elements of your e-commerce copy. If you get your headline and opening right, you have a higher chance to draw in your customers and catch their attention, keeping them hooked to read till the end.

A good technique is to open with a compelling question highlighting a problem your customers face, followed by a solution statement. The aim should be to let your audience know that you understand their problem and will provide a solution, and convince them to continue reading. Headline Analyzer is a handy tool for checking the quality of your headlines.

Headline Analyzer

3. Build Trust Through Your Copy

Your ecommerce copywriting should be tailored towards building and enhancing trust in your brand. After all, we buy from brands we trust, and your words catalyse that trust factor. One way is to share your unique brand story, your company’s vision and mission with your audience and let them see the human side of your e-commerce business.

With the help of the right words, you can connect with your customers and show them that you are genuinely working towards fulfilling their needs through the products you sell.

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4. Focus on Benefits, Not Features

If you want customers to buy your product, you need to show them what’s in it for them as early as possible. A skilled e-commerce copywriter understands the importance of highlighting a product’s benefits over its features simply because benefits are customer-centric while features are brand-centric.

So, ensure that your copy talks more about how your product will solve your customer’s problems and improve the quality of their lives rather than simply discussing what’s great about your product. Because when it comes to powerful e-commerce copywriting, the product’s benefits always win over its features.

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5. Use the Power of Persuasion and Urgency

In e-commerce copywriting, exercising the art of persuasion coupled with urgency is key to convincing your customers to act now rather than later. Once you have established the benefits of your products and how they will simplify your customers’ lives, it’s now time to convince them to take the next logical step, place an order!

This is where creating urgency helps. Using terms like ‘limited time offer’, ‘last few pieces left’ and ‘offer valid till stocks last’, you can drive faster conversions and convince customers to take immediate action.

6. Showcase Your Products’ Unique Selling Proposition

Your products are unique and you need to showcase their uniqueness so you can differentiate your products from your competitors. Using e-commerce copywriting, you can communicate why your products are superior to those of other competing brands and why your customers should choose you.

At this stage, you can also use your product copy to tackle any objections your customers may be facing and give them complete peace of mind to go ahead and order your product.

7. Make Your Copy Scannable

Online shoppers are short of time and looking for information quickly. They rarely read every sentence on a page and hence, to ensure that your ecommerce copy performs well, keep it short and to the point.

Break down your content into easy-to-scan, short paragraphs that present the most crucial information quickly and effortlessly, and support a fast checkout. Make sure to include high-resolution images of your products to enhance the buying experience and create trust in your brand.

8. Optimise Your Copy with Keywords

To sell more online, you must optimise your product descriptions with relevant keywords so you can be found on Google search results organically. With the help of SEO, you can improve your site’s Google rankings and get more traffic and leads to your online store.

A good place to start is by conducting keyword research to know the list of keywords your competitors are targeting and target those keywords and phrases which can bring maximum visibility to your products.

9. Leverage Social Proof

One of the easiest ways to convince your customers to buy from you is by building greater trust and this can be done by leveraging your brand’s social proof strategically. It includes incorporating your past customers’ reviews and testimonials, Google ratings, and more at different points in your copy and product pages.

When you showcase the positive experiences others have had using your brand, it communicates your products’ worth and encourages new customers to buy from you with confidence.

10. Use Powerful CTAs

Your ecommerce content is only as good as the conversions it bags. It is here that CTAs come into play. With the help of powerful CTAs, you can compel and coax leads to become customers by placing an order for your products, trying out your service or visiting the discount section.

To get the best results, stick to using one strong CTA in your content which makes it evident to the customer about the action they need to take next. Some high-converting CTAs that work include –

  • Shop Now
  • Discover More
  • Claim your Discount
  • Get Professional Advice
  • No-Risk Trial
  • Try for Free

If you are an ecommerce brand, you’re probably wondering right about now how to make the most of ecommerce copywriting for your brand. Well, the good news is, acing your e-commerce copy is easy when you hire an experienced product description writer for your copywriting needs.

An e-commerce writer knows how to use persuasive language to evoke the right emotions through their words. Not just that, a seasoned product copywriter uses the right tone of voice that gels with your brand’s voice and builds trust in your brand. And with their SEO expertise, they can help you bag top rankings on search engines and bring you more organic traffic which can convert into leads. 


In the highly competitive realm of online sales, every word matters. With the right copywriting techniques, you can attract more visitors to your online store and boost conversions for your products. These include knowing your ideal customers, using irresistible headlines, building trust, focusing on the benefits of your products, creating urgency, highlighting the USP of your products, optimising and making your copy scannable, leveraging social proof and using powerful CTAs.

To get the best results, you can hire an experienced ecommerce copywriter and product description writer who can use their expertise to deliver excellent ecommerce copywriting and boost sales of your products.