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My Tryst with the Common Cold

I still remember that cold and gloomy winter evening.

I was staying home from school the last few days thanks to the same-old, nagging problem that would always catch up on me in winter – that brutal, heartless and severely distressing common cold.

Fed up with feeling sick and miserable, I desperately wanted a change of scene, anything that would help raise my spirits and fight this demon before it got the better of me.

So, I convinced my sister and mother to take me out for a stroll to the market some distance from our home.

It Happened One Cold, Gloomy Evening
It Happened One Cold, Gloomy Evening

They said I was crazy to even think of such a preposterous plan on such a dull and cold evening, given my ‘condition’ of sneezing once too often.

In between wiping my nose and clearing my throat, I told them that this was exactly what I needed to do to feel better.

They finally gave in to my requests, provided I would pile myself with enough woollens to keep me warm and protected.

“Mission accomplished,” I said to myself, with a toothy grin on my face – the first one I’d had in days!


Sneakers for my sister
Sneakers for my sister

On reaching the market, my sister remembered that she needed a new pair of sneakers so we decided to visit the small yet nicely stocked shoe shop.

As my mother helped my sister choose a pair of shoes, I went over to the sandals section and walked past the colourful lineup of strappy, flat, and high-heeled sandals.

Just as I was admiring their beautiful range, my eyes started watering like they always do whenever I have a severe cold. This wasn’t new for me, so I continued looking at the merchandise.

I did not realize, however, that a salesperson was noticing me all along.

What happened next was truly hilarious and I remember it to date.


Maybe something for me?
Sandals for me?

The friendly salesman walked over to my mother and politely asked her to consider buying a pair of sandals for me. He referred to me as – “Your other daughter over there who is crying as you’re not buying anything for her”.

My mother was shocked to hear his words and came up to me. She asked me if I wanted a pair of sandals.

On hearing what had just happened I couldn’t stop laughing while drying my tear-laden eyes.

As one would expect, the sales guy was completely confused by now. It took him a few moments to understand the real reason for my tears. He, too, had a good laugh and wished me a speedy recovery.

As for buying something for myself, I explained how I was in no mood to shop. The only reason I had ventured out was to cheer myself up and everyone had helped me do just that 🙂

We returned home a little while later.

I was feeling much better thanks to my short yet very entertaining outing.

That monstrous cold went away in a day or two but left me with such fond memories that bring a smile to my face even today.

First Published on | Last Updated: 31st July 2018


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