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Poetry - Freelance Writer Akanksha

The Dependable Freelance Writer India

Poetry - TheDependableWriter

In the land of Kochi, Kerala, where the palm trees sway,

There resides a creator, weaving magic every day.

Akanksha is her name, The Dependable Writer, her fame,

Eighteen years of crafting words, in the copywriting game.

A baker, guitarist, and embroiderer, she does it all with grace,

A businesswoman too, in the ever-moving race.

With Star, Disney+ Hotstar, Duroply, and Indya, she’s in place,

Her words shape brands, in the digital marketplace.

Dependable and reliable, her clients do confess,

Easy to work with, disciplined, and no room for any stress.

Creative, punctual, and precise, her skills are boundless,

Fast deliveries, and research-oriented, her work is truly priceless.

From [email protected], she awaits your mail,

To turn your business goals into reality, she never fails.

So, hire her for copywriting, and send her your project details,

On the journey to success, with Akanksha, you’ll set sail.


Hire me for your copywriting needs and I will be happy to discuss your project. 

Email me: [email protected]