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Memories of Grandma

Of Memories and Nostalgia

Of Memories and Nostalgia: The Call of the Cauliflower, Musings, India It was a lazy, rainy morning in New Delhi. I was pursuing my BA in advertising at the Kamala Nehru College. That day, my classes were to begin in the late afternoon, so I planned to leave for college after lunch. My maternal grandma (Nani)…

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Poetry - Freelance Writer Akanksha

The Dependable Writer, Freelance Writer India

The Dependable Freelance Writer India In the land of Kochi, Kerala, where the palm trees sway, There resides a creator, weaving magic every day. Akanksha is her name, The Dependable Writer, her fame, Eighteen years of crafting words, in the copywriting game. A baker, guitarist, and embroiderer, she does it all with grace, A businesswoman too, in…

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10 Best Writing Tools 2023

10 Best Writing Tools to Write Faster and Better in 2023

Writing is a creative process that requires clear thought and words to match. And let's face it. Every writer wants to write faster and better. It is here that the best writing tools step in.  Luckily, we have plenty of writing tools available online with unique features to significantly improve your writing productivity and help you…

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