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How I Broke Stereotyped Mindsets in My Remarkable Freelance Journey

Getting back…

My Freelance Writing Journey: Starting My Career as a Freelance Writer

I began my freelance writing journey years ago, 2005 to be precise. It was a time when the term FREELANCE didn’t ring many bells in the minds of people, especially in my part of the world.

However, globally, freelance writing was picking up and it promised many wonderful opportunities, the ones that I wanted to explore to fulfil my dreams of becoming a successful content writer.

I was starting from nothing – taking small steps to launch my freelance writing business and establish myself, all on my own. I knew success could be mine with a lot of patience, unwavering perseverance, and a pragmatic approach to everything I did.

Slowly but surely, things started looking up for me. However, the reactions I was getting from the people around me were far from positive.

Whoever inquired about my present employment ended up giving me questioning looks. They had numerous queries about what I was doing and wondered how I could work from home, while they spent hours at a stretch in commute daily to earn a living.

Honestly, at the end of each such interaction, the only prominent vibe I was getting from each persistent inquirer was, I don’t think she does anything.


My freelance writing journey

This was a time when most people were switching jobs and taking up employment with high-paying MNCs which were serving massive rewards and enticing employee benefits as bait.

No wonder, everyone was astonished by my decision to opt for self-employment.

They wanted to know why I had chosen to do something DIFFERENT. Why was I deviating from the dependable nine-to-five work routine? And here I was – excited, intrigued, and visibly hopeful about making it big on my own in the beautiful world of content writing.

Over the next few years, I worked on some amazing writing projects and was feeling happy and satisfied with where I was.

However, the doubtful looks, the questions and the snide remarks from other ‘successful’ professionals who boasted about their steady flow of promotions in their so-called predictable, high-paying jobs, continued.

I was still someone who wasn’t in a full-time job and says she does something on her own.

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I often wondered if people were unable to understand what I was doing, or if could it be possible that they simply didn’t want to understand.

Could I blame such behaviour on human mentality? 

After all, I couldn’t name a big company I was working with.

Whatever the case may be, I stood unaffected by such talk and behaviour as I was happy and satisfied with my work and saw no reason to spend time convincing others of what I do.

It was hilarious when on several social occasions, I came across people who complained endlessly about their difficult boss, the feeling of stagnation in their present role, the long commute, or a promotion that was long overdue.

They were the same people, who at one point in time didn’t waste a single moment judging me. And the irony of it all, I wasn’t the one complaining about all the numerous problems, they were!

Such is life 🙂

The only thing that was left for me to do was to let my work speak for itself.

Let it be!

Do you know what I think? 

People will have different views on everything. The trick is to know what feels right for you and to do it wholeheartedly.

It is important to break through stereotypical mindsets if what you’re doing gives you happiness and creative fulfillment.

Over the last 13+ 18 years, I have worked on numerous exciting projects with many growing businesses, startups and entrepreneurs from all over the globe. 

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I still can’t give you the name of the big company I work for. Rather, I can now give you the names of many countries where my content writing clients are based and the numerous reputed brands I have associated with

In hindsight, I am happy, contented, and thankful to all those people who doubted me. If it weren’t for them and their preconceived notions, I wouldn’t have pushed myself to achieve all that I have.

I’m glad I took a substantial risk, and I didn’t settle for anything less than I could achieve. And that’s what makes my freelance writing journey all the more amazing! 

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Today, freelancing has become quite a fad with an increased number of people choosing to work from home. It feels great to know that the path I chose so many years ago now has so many takers.

I said it then, and I will say it now – I freelance. That doesn’t mean I’m Unemployed!


Are you a freelancer? What kind of difficulties did you face in your freelance journey?

Do share your feedback in the comments section below.

First Published on | Last Update: July 2018 / March 2023