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I often marvel at God and his creativity. He’s nothing short of a magician. Not only has he made us unique individuals, but he has also blessed each one of us with a special talent – our inner calling if you may. I discovered my true calling several years ago and it was to be a copywriter. Now, almost 18 years later, I continue doing what I know I was meant to do – I was born to write!

Though the journey has had its ups and downs – happy, repeat and referral clients, client appreciation, and heightened self-worth as well as bouts of self-doubt, procrastination, unnerving blank pages, difficult deadlines, piles of to-do lists, and aching fingers from all that typing, I know the highs and lows have been worth it.

So How Can You Recognise Your Inner Calling? 

How can you know what you were born to do and whether you were born to write? Look for signs. There will always be signs to guide you. 


1. You Write Better Than You Talk

Though writers are known to have a way with words, for you, the magic often unfolds when you put pen to paper, or in today’s age, your fingers to the keypad. Since you’re able to articulate your thoughts better while writing than talking, you look for ways to communicate through the written word rather than the spoken word and avoid getting into formal one-on-one discussions or phone conversations, preferring to have an email dialogue.

I discovered my love for writing long back in school. Though I wasn’t someone who would raise my hand to answer questions in class, I always enjoyed writing well-thought-out answers. To this day, answering client phone calls makes me nervous, while responding to their queries via email is easy.

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2. You Enjoy Expressing Yourself

Whether through writing or talking, you feel a burning desire to express your thoughts, ideas, and perceptions, and you don’t feel relaxed until you do. Communicating your point of view is important. You take it seriously and it’s something that comes naturally to you. When you meet someone, you haven’t met before, you find yourself going into verbal diarrhoea to get your point across.

I may write better than I talk, but I’ve been told, on various occasions that I have a definite way with words. Writing has helped me become more expressive.

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3. You Love To Read

The scent of a new book is like perfume to your senses, and you can’t wait to find out what the characters of the story are up to. You crave quiet time and when alone, you want nothing else but to retreat into your little world with your favorite reading material for the company.

Oh, and you’re not picky about what you read if it is well-written. So, you enjoy reading anything that you can get your hands on – a riveting novel, an informational magazine or e-book, research journals, self-help blogs, articles, blog posts, ads, pamphlets, brochures… get the drift?

I love to read inspirational blogs whenever time permits.

Love for Reading
You Love to Read

4. You Are a Wonderful Story Teller

You are moved by daily life experiences, and whether good or bad, these experiences spark the inner storyteller in you, so much so, that you find yourself journaling ‘real-life’ experiences and often narrating them with child-like enthusiasm.

I enjoy narrating stories from my childhood to my nieces and nephew, and they seem to love each one of them. I am often asked to come up with impromptu, make-believe stories that they like listening to, repeatedly.

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5. You Like to Make Lists

You have a natural inclination toward making detailed lists of things you need to buy, remember, or accomplish. You even jot down important points before a crucial phone call and no matter how many gadgets you own, you prefer putting pen to paper to make your lists.

Though I’m sufficiently tech-savvy, I am old-school when it comes to setting reminders and keeping track of things. Handwritten shopping lists are a must-have when I’m out grocery shopping. Also, I feel a lot more organized when I put down notes for each new blog post/article before I sit down to write.

Making Lists
You Make Lists

6. You Are a Keen Observer

Whether you’re doing something as adventurous as bungee jumping or a lot more mundane like grocery shopping, you see an opportunity in every experience and are inspired to write about it.

You love observing people, places, and situations and noticing ‘little’ things that others miss.  For you, life’s experiences are a lot more real. Whether good or bad, these experiences stay with you a lot longer and often spark your imagination in unbelievable ways.

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7. You Maintain a Handy Notebook/s

You feel inspired at the weirdest of times – in the middle of the night, in-between conversations, while travelling, or while you’re watching your favourite TV show, and you are always prepared for it with a notebook and pen by your side. And since you love to grow your vocabulary, you maintain a ‘NEW WORDS I LEARNED TODAY’ journal!

I cannot function without my little yellow notebook. It’s where I jot down my half-baked ideas, to-do lists for the month, and other minute details. Handwritten ‘Post-its’, as opposed to Mobile Apps, is another must-have that helps me stay on point throughout the day/week.

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8. You Like to Add Something ‘Extra’

Your emails are always well-written, even casual ones to friends and family. You care about the fonts you use and spend the time to format your emails. You always think of an apt Subject Line for your emails because you feel you can do better than the usual Hello.  

Even when you wish someone a ‘Happy Birthday’ or wish to say, ‘Thank You’, you think of ways to add something extra to make your wish special and memorable.

Thank You
You Always Add a Personal Touch

9. You Dislike Carelessly Short Email Replies & Disregard for Grammar

You don’t take kindly to receiving monosyllabic replies to your long emails and spend a while thinking about how the sender could have put in a little more effort while writing their reply.

You cringe when you read words like ‘dis’, ‘dat’, ‘cu’ etc., and immediately form an opinion about the person using them. In sharp contrast, your SMS and WhatsApp conversations are perfectly worded, and you always use correct punctuation and spelling. If you mistype a word, you make sure to correct it too.

10. You Value the ‘Power of Words’

Words hold a special significance for you, and you take what others say seriously. Whether someone compliments you or criticizes you, their words stay with you for a long time.

When someone gives you their word or makes you a promise, you hold them to it and get offended when they break their promise. Other people may call you ‘over-sensitive’ or ’emotional’ but that’s just how you are – that’s what makes you unique and gives you an independent voice that is reflected in everything you write.

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If you have been noticing these telltale signs too, you were born to write.

So, the next time you’re unsure about your purpose in life, think about what makes you happy and motivates you to get out of bed every morning to do your best – that’s your inner calling!


What about you? What is your inner calling? Do you feel you were born to write?

I’d love to hear your feedback. Do share your comments in the section below.