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The most challenging aspect of being a freelance writer is the need to embrace uncertainties in my work life and stay motivated in between work, especially so when freelance writing is a full-time career choice.

Just like everyone else, we freelancers have bills to pay and needs to meet. However, despite mounting responsibilities and rising expenses, we are willing to hang in there and accept the possibility of being out of work every now and then.

If you ask me, freelance writers are daredevils. Speaking from experience, there are days when I’m neck-deep in work, slogging away with back-to-back assignments and deadlines that seem to swoosh by.

In stark contrast, I have seen days, weeks and on certain occasions, months with no paying job in hand. Fluctuations are common in our line of work – when work is slow and suddenly, there is much time to brood over such unwelcome idleness.

An enlightened freelance writer understands and accepts uncertainties as an inevitable part of the day’s work and without wasting a moment in self-doubt, looks at this situation as an opportunity to evolve and grow.

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How To Stay Motivated at Work and Between Jobs 

Here are some quick fixes that help me stay grounded, busy, and motivated between writing jobs. Hopefully, some of these will help you too.

Catch Up on Your Hobbies 

When work takes up most of your time, there’s always a hobby or an activity you must forego. The time between writing jobs is ideal for pursuing those hobbies to your heart’s content.

I like to do all the things that make me happy and miss-out-on, when work keeps me over busy – embroidering, reading, watching movies (old classics), admiring nature, and trying out new recipes!

Catching up on your favourite hobbies is a wonderful way to unwind and relax after days of hard work.

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Read Inspirational Blogs and Inspiring Content

Different people gain inspiration from various sources. While you’re between jobs, make it a point to tap into those sources of inspiration to broaden your mind and refresh your senses. Consider it a Soul Spa, a time for reflection and rejuvenation.

We are lucky to live in the information age where accessing a wealth of information is as easy as a mouse click. I like to spend time reconnecting with things that inspire me. Visiting inspirational blogs is a favourite.

What inspires you? A good book is an autobiography of a person you admire or a person in your life.

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Get Back to Writing

If you’re like me, you have a personal blog you like to update as often as possible. This is the time to pay attention to it and any other web properties you own.

I’ve found the time between paying writing jobs ideal for getting back to blogging, implementing new creative ideas, and running technical experiments on my other websites.

Network With Past Clients

‘Ask and you shall receive’ – not always but there’s no harm in trying, right?

It makes sense to contact your past clients if you’re looking for new work. Drop them an email or give them a call and let them know you’ll be happy to help them out with any urgent project they may have. 

Since they have worked with you before, they should be able to get you on the job quickly.

Research, Reflect and Refocus

The writing business has become fiercely competitive and there are ‘plenty of fish in the Web Pond’!

A keyword search on Google should tell you more about whom and what you are up against. Often, such browsing proves beneficial as it helps me to look at my own website with a critical eye.

Write Guest Posts

There is no reason to stop writing when you are between jobs. In fact, it is of paramount importance to stay in touch with your craft and keep on writing. A fantastic way to do this is by researching opportunities to write a ‘Guest Post’ on someone else’s blog.

I came across Wendy McCane‘s Website by chance and was happy to write a Blog Post for her blog here.

Staying busy and motivated between freelance writing jobs and assignments is not difficult when you have a clear focus. Don’t waste your time being sad or de-motivated. Instead, use this opportunity to grow as a writer. 


What about you? What are your quick fixes to stay motivated between projects? Let me know in the comments section below. 

First Published on: Jan 2015

Last updated: May 2023