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Best AI presentation tools

Gone are the days when you would make detailed presentations and spend hours perfecting your presentations. Thanks to the best AI presentation tools, you can now create perfectly designed and aptly worded presentations within minutes, if not seconds – all in a digestible and attractive format that is functional and efficient.

With the growing popularity of AI across various aspects of our work life, the requirement for AI-powered presentation-maker tools is going up too. So what are AI presentation tools and which are the best AI tools for making presentations in 2024? Let’s dive in!

What Are The Best AI Presentation Tools?

AI presentation tools use generative AI to create engaging and visually appealing presentations in response to descriptive text prompts. Using AI tools for presentations, you can design highly engaging presentations, right from the actual presentation script and data points to the final, finished presentation. The best part, customising these AI-generated presentations to suit your business and brand is effortless.

So, are you ready to present like a PRO with a professional presentation to match? Then let’s look at some of the best AI presentation-maker tools for 2024!

1. Beautiful.AI


Beautiful.AI is a generative AI presentation software for the workplace. It provides a good repository of slide templates to help you create professional and aesthetically pleasing presentations quickly and effortlessly.

With the real-time design suggestion feature, you can find attractive designs for your slides and customise the template, its colours, images and branding to suit your business. You can also collaborate with your team members and work on the presentation slides remotely, making it a team effort.

2. Simplified


Simplified is a free AI presentation maker that uses artificial intelligence in response to user inputs to generate presentations, images, social media quotes, etc. It offers a vast array of AI tools, templates and professional slides to help you get started with content creation, designing and customisation.

One-click image editing, magic resizing and team collaboration are all possible with this popular AI presentation tool for 2024.

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3. Slides AI

Slides AI

Slides AI is an AI-powered presentation maker tool that works within Google Slides and is available as a Chrome extension. You can make up to three free presentations containing up to ten pages each, all within a few minutes.

One noticeable feature is Magic Write which helps to rewrite and paraphrase sentences, provide citations, get relevant images, and more. Ready to say goodbye to manual slide creation?

4. Tome


Tome is an AI presentation tool that lets you make high-quality AI-powered professional presentations quickly using smart themes and responsive layouts. With Tome, you can generate outlines for presentations, one-pagers and even microsites by entering prompts.

This AI presentation maker tool works for everyone – creators and freelancers, founders and startups, marketers, sales and product teams. Tome also allows you to cite references and share your presentations with a single link.

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5. Gamma

Gamma App

Gamma App is a drag-and-drop visual editor that uses a powerful AI generator to create high-quality presentations, documents and web pages which can be easily designed and customised within seconds. This AI tool for presentations stands out for its user-friendly interface and flexible templates which make restyling effortless.

You can use royalty-free images, embed videos and charts, edit your text using AI and generate AI images to give your presentation a professional and aesthetically pleasing look.

6. SendSteps

SendSteps takes away the stress of presenting by assisting you in creating the perfect presentation from scratch or by using pre-made templates. An AI-powered interactive presentation tool, SendSteps handles every aspect of preparing a professional presentation which includes writing, designing and storytelling.

It is suitable for business professionals, students, teachers and events.

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7. Kroma


Kroma is a handy AI presentation tool for businesses, entrepreneurs including freelance writers and startups to create powerful pitches and presentations of their ideas. It provides a plethora of PowerPoint slide presentation templates and creative assets to help you create and customise your presentations to match your company’s voice, logo and overall branding.

Since Kroma assists you in preparing professional and visually appealing presentations without the need for a graphic designer, it has found its place in my list of the best AI presentation tools for the coming year and beyond!


8. DeepBrain AI

Best AI Video Generator

DeepBrain AI is an advanced AI-powered video generation tool that turns any text into high-quality videos in minutes without the need for cameras, mics or actors. With the help of this tool, video content creation becomes quick and easy.

Notable features of DeepBrain AI include an intuitive user interface, a collection of customizable templates for diverse industries and high-quality video output which enables you to make professional videos. The tool has been showcased at CES 2022 and 2023.


There is no denying that AI-powered presentation makers have become indispensable tools for creating high-quality, professional and effective presentations with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency. So whether you are a freelancer, educator, entrepreneur or business professional, it’s time to include the power of cutting-edge AI-powered presentation tools in your work life. Check out the list of the best AI presentation tools mentioned above and pick the one that best suits your presentation requirements.